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CG Eye Candy

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China Glaze Eye Candy ~Blonde Bombshell~ 80769, 15ml 3-D Glitter
is a mix of gold glitter, there is some small glitter, some hex glitter and a little bit of small..
China Glaze Eye Candy ~Love Marilyn~ 80770, 15ml 3-D Glitters
is small red glitter and medium silver glitter..
China Glaze Eye Candy ~Marry a Millionaire~ 80772, 15ml 3-D Glit
is small pink and purple glitter along with a a truck load of multicolored bar glitter..
China Glaze Eye Candy ~Material Girl~ 80771, 15ml 3-D Glitters
is a pink holographic hex glitter..
China Glaze Eye Candy ~Some Like it Haute~ 80773, 15ml 3-D Glitt
is small black and silver glitter mixed with medium sized holographic glitter..