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CG What's Your Color? Collection

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China Glaze What's your Color ~Passion in the Pacific~CG-70620
Pisces: Passion in the Pacific- Sea Green, indicates knowledge, self respect and spirituality. Bec..
China Glaze What's your Color ~Rich & Famous~CG-70528
Taurus: Rich & Famous – Pink, protects and brings peace of mind. You’re a social butterfly, secure ..
China Glaze What's your Color ~Salsa~CG-70260
Aries: Salsa – Red, is the color of love, fertility and energy. You are courageous, you persevere ..
China Glaze What\'s your Color ~Code Orange~CG-80892
Leo: Code Orange – Orange, emits positive vibes of well-being, warmth and optimism. You keep life ..
China Glaze What's your Color ~Spontaneous~CG-72007
Libra: Spontaneous - Lavender, acts a as a tonic, balancing the mind, body and sprit. Somehow, yo..